Great Lakes Restoration At Work


We selected the 14 project metrics listed below to quantify the broad on-the-ground accomplishments of projects and the GLRI. These metrics are broad in nature to represent the progress achieved across all projects. Metrics were based on the GLRI Action Plan measures of progress under the Habitat and Wildlife Protection and Restoration Focus Area. Several other metrics were added to best represent project accomplishments. Quantifying projects in this way enables users to estimate measures of progress, for example, the total number of wetland acres restored or the number of fish passage-barriers removed. This will be a powerful communication tool for all stakeholders.

  • Land protection: Acres of land protected via acquisition or conservation easement etc.
  • Shoreline protection: Feet of shoreline protected via acquisition or conservation easement etc.
  • Debris removal: Tons of debris removed
  • Sediment removal: Cubic yards of sediment removed
  • Fish passage – barrier removal: Number of barriers to fish passage removed or bypassed. This includes dam removal, culvert replacement, road crossing improvements, and bypass structures.
  • Fish passage – connectivity: Miles of river or stream opened for fish passage
  • Hydrologic connectivity: Acres of wetlands reconnected to lake or river systems
  • Shoreline softening and restoration: Feet of coastal or riparian shorelines that have been softened or restored
  • Spawning habitat creation or restoration: Acres of fish spawning habitat restored or created
  • In-channel stream restoration: Number of feet of in-channel stream restored
  • Wetland restoration: Acres of wetlands restored
  • Upland/riparian restoration: Acres of upland and wetlands restored